Get Involved


Here are some ways you can take action on behalf of children at risk around the world:

  • Volunteer to teach or facilitate a Red Card class at your church. Spread the word to other churches in your area.
  • Host a movie night and watch a film on one aspect of children at risk. Afterwards, discuss the movie and pray for children in the situations portrayed.
  • Start a book club. Read and discuss books about children-at-risk issues. Pray for children in these. In addition, read books about people who have made a difference for children at risk. Be inspired!
  • Check out the Take a Stand Opportunity of the month. Participate with your family, class, or club.
  • Participate in an annual event and unite with others who are taking a stand for children at risk.
  • Volunteer to help your church participate in the annual World Weekend of Prayer for children at risk.
  • Be on the lookout for local Red Card situations reported in the newspaper or on TV. Pray about them and seek God for how your family can be involved.
  • Pray for current Red Card situations worldwide.
  • Find out how your church serves children at risk locally and around the world. Join in with what’s already going on or start something new.
  • Take a short-term mission trip to serve children at risk. Many trips are designed for families.