Advocacy Calendar

Events listed below provide opportunities to stand against oppression and provide hope for children at risk. Unless otherwise noted, observances are international in scope. Some are secular. Others are sponsored by Christian organizations. Click on a specific event to learn about its history or find ideas and resources.

February 12: Red Hand Day raises awareness of the plight of child soldiers and protests against the recruitment and use of children in war.

March 22: World Water Day raises awareness of the critical lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide.

April 25: World Malaria Day commemorates global efforts to provide effective control of malaria around the world.

May 7: World AIDS Orphans Day raises awareness and advocates for making children a priority in the fight against AIDS.

June (first weekend): World Weekend of Prayer brings together prayer ministries and networks, individuals and churches, children and adults in prayer for children at risk.

June 12: World Day Against Child Labor serves as a catalyst for the growing worldwide movement against child labor.

June 15 or 22, 2015: World Refugee Sunday raises awareness and mobilizes prayer on behalf of refugees and internally displaced people worldwide.

October 16: World Food Day raises awareness and mobilizes action to alleviate hunger worldwide.

October 17: International Day for Eradication of Poverty raises awareness of the plight of children living in poverty.

November 8, 2015: Orphan Sunday raises awareness of the 143 million orphans worldwide and motivates Christians to care for them. Stay tuned for resources.

November 12: World Pneumonia Day raises awareness of pneumonia as a major threat to vulnerable children and strives to prevent millions of avoidable deaths that occur each year.

November 19: World Toilet Day raises awareness of the lack of access to proper sanitation and how this problem is related to disease and infection.

December 1: World AIDS Day raises awareness and focuses attention on the global AIDS epidemic.