Prayer Updates for Children at Risk for the Week of December 29, 2014

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Prayer Concerns for the Week of December 29, 2014


Israel, Palestine

  • Please keep in prayer the more than 600 children who attend Jerusalem’s Hand in Hand school, a place where Palestinian and Israeli children study together in a bilingual setting. Jewish extremists are suspected of setting the school on fire late the night of November 29, 2014.
  • Pray for Jewish and Arab students who are frightened by the violent threats left on the walls of their school. Pray for the first graders whose classroom was torched. Pray God will give them courage and peace in the face of this disturbing violence. Pray for their protection from further violence.
  • Pray for the staff and administrators at the school as they work to calm the fears of students and parents, as well as their own worries. Thanks be to God for the commitment to co-existence they model through their work.
  • Please pray for parents who are frightened to send their children to school. Pray God will bless them with the peace that surpasses all understanding.
  • Give thanks to God for Jerusalem’s Hand in Hand school in which its student population is equally divided between Jews and Arabs. Thanks be to God for the four other schools in the Hand in Hand network throughout Israel. Please pray the relationships forged here between students from different ethnic, racial, religious, social, and national backgrounds will carry over into their communities.



  • Please be in prayer for all of the children and staff affected by a recent, violent attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Militants from the Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for the December 16 attack on a government-run school that killed 132 children (many of whom were children of military personnel) and nine staff members and injured 125 others.
  • Pray for those hurt when militants, disguised as soldiers, broke into the school and went classroom to classroom, shooting students and staff indiscriminately. Pray God will bring healing to those who were shot or injured by bombs set off by the militants. Doctors report many of the victims have head and chest wounds.
  • Pray for children who watched their friends die in the attack on their school. Please keep them close in prayer as they grieve their friends and process the trauma of the violence they experienced. Pray God will bless them with the peace that surpasses all understanding and lift any lingering fear they may have.
  • Pray for children who are responding to the trauma of this experience by wanting to extract revenge on the perpetrators.
  • Please pray for the parents and loved ones of children killed by militants in this attack on the government school. Pray God will comfort them during this season of loss and overwhelming grief.
  • Keep in prayer all schoolchildren, teachers, and staff throughout Pakistan as the Taliban has threatened to attack more schools in the country.
  • Give thanks to God for the way in which the citizens of Pakistan are uniting because of the massacre of these 132 innocent schoolchildren. Pray for peace and healing in this region.
  • Pray for those who use violence against children to achieve their own means.


United States

  • Please pray for a young set of twins who were recently orphaned in the murder/suicide of their parents. Their father Chad is believed to have shot their mother Sandra and then killed himself. Pray God will provide healing and comfort for toddlers Caiden and Emmarie during this frightening season. Pray for their caregivers as they help these little ones cope with the trauma and violence they’ve experienced.
  • Pray for Sandra’s parents as they deal with the death of their daughter by such violent means. And pray for Chad’s parents as they also experience great loss and grief. Please pray for the couples’ extended family, friends, and co-workers who are stunned by this inconceivable act of violence.


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