Prayer Updates for Children at Risk for the Week of July 8, 2013

Prayer Concerns for the week of July 8, 2013


·         Pray for the children of Kandahar, one of Afghanistan’s most troubled provinces, as they are at risk of violent abuse or death at the hands of Taliban insurgents.

·         Pray for the families of 10-year-old Khan and 16-year-old Hameedullah who were beheaded last month by Taliban fighters as a warning to villagers not to cooperate with the Afghan government. The boys had gone to Afghan army and police checkpoints seeking leftover food for their families when they were stopped by Taliban insurgents and then killed. Pray for justice for these boys whose bodies were left in their village. Pray for the children and families in this village who witnessed the results of this barbaric act.

·         Pray for the families of the 6-year-old little girl and 12-year-old boy who were kidnapped and beheaded last year in two separate incidents. Pray for the family of a 16-year-old boy who was beheaded last summer by Taliban fighters who accused him of spying for the Afghan government.

·         Please pray for an end to this kind of horrible violence against children. Pray for peace throughout Kandahar.



·         Continue to keep close in prayer the 1.5 million children and people of Haiti who face hunger because of poor harvests and increasing food prices.

·         Pray for the estimated 82,000 children under age five who are acutely malnourished. According to the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP), Haiti has one of the highest child malnutrition rates in the Western Hemisphere.

·         Give thanks to God for the WFP program that will provide more than 500,000 children hot meals at school, as well as food to take home, and food to treat malnutrition.

·         Pray for children and families in Haiti’s rural areas who don’t have enough food because of last year’s drought, hurricanes Isaac and Sandy, and continued drought this year.

·         Please be in prayer for Haiti’s children and people as the hurricane season begins this summer. Haiti is on the Atlantic hurricane belt and is one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters in the Americas.


North Korea, Laos

·         Please keep close in prayer nine orphans who escaped from North Korea, traveling 2,500 miles through China, only to be taken into custody in Laos and repatriated back to North Korea. The teenagers and young adults crossed into China to escape starvation and illness in their home country…all of them were malnourished and sickly and had lived on the streets of North Korea scavenging for food from trash cans.\

·         Pray for these teenagers and young people who desired a free life in South Korea, but who now may face “re-education camps,” imprisonment, torture, or execution in North Korea. Pray for the protection and safety of 20-year-old Jung Kwong Young, 16-year-old Ryu Chul Ryong, 16-year-old Chang Gook Wha, 15-year-old Noh Yea Ji, 19-year-old Hyu Kwon Hyuk, 20-year-old Baek Young Won, 23-year-old Moon Cheol, 18-year-old Park Gwang Hyuk, and 18-year-old Lee Gwang Hyuk who are now reportedly held in seclusion in North Korea.

·         Pray for the safety of aid workers, Christian missionaries, pastors, and church congregations who help smuggle people out of North Korea through China and Southeast Asia. Give thanks to God for their courage and faith in the face of great danger.


United States, China (New Day Foster Home –

·         Please keep Levi close in prayer as he recovers from heart surgery. Pray he will regain his strength so he may have additional surgery for more repairs to his heart. Give thanks to God for the miracle of healing Levi experienced after his adoption. An echocardiogram he had in China and the first one he had after he was adopted showed Levi only had one ventricle in his heart. Two months later, an echocardiogram showed he now has two ventricles. Thanks be to God for this little one and for the forever family he joined recently.

·         Continue to lift 20-month-old Grace in prayer as she recovers from surgery to repair a defect in her heart. Give thanks that this surgery went well. Pray the fluid that has collected around her lungs will drain off soon as Grace is having difficulty breathing and is on supplemental oxygen. Pray for her adoptive parents as they care for her and make difficult decisions about her medical care. Thanks be to God for her recent adoption.

·         Give God thanks for the staff and volunteers at New Day Foster Home in China for taking such good care of Grace this past year. Pray for these dedicated people as they care for children with special needs at New Day.


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  • Natalie Ray says:

    We (Cherry Creek Pres) will be praying especially for you July 8 – 21. Thanks for every updateTami. I went to CIU grad school in preparation for going to Thailand as a nurse with OMF (former CIM)

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