Prayer Updates for Children at Risk for the Week of September 28, 2015

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 Prayer Concerns for the Week of September 28, 2015

Praise God for the gift of mobility given to three sets of disabled Ugandan twins.

 From Free Wheelchair Mission | Praise God that Annette in Uganda was able to be connected with Free Wheelchair Mission and ultimately receive help for 6 children in her family who were immobile due to various disabilities.  Now Martin, Apophia, Winnie, Marion, Edina, and Jocas have the dignity of mobility and can finally go to school.  Pray for the millions of children around the world who do not yet have the gift of mobility.  Pray many supporters will contribute to Free Wheelchair Mission so that more wheelchairs can be built and distributed around the world.

Pray for Syrian children who have never known a life without war.

 From UNICEF | With a civil war that started in 2011, children born in Syria who are now under the age of 5 have never known a life without war, fear, and depravation.  5.6 million Syrian children are affected, and their needs range from basic necessities like shelter and food and clean water and medical care to education so that they are protected from traffickers who would take advantage of children in a traumatic situation for their own profit.  Pray that these children experience God’s divine protection and providence; that their needs are met and that they are protected.  Pray for their psychological and emotional well-being as well.  Pray that through the love of others, they can come to know the love of Jesus.  

 Pray for the families of ISIS fighters left behind in areas that are not ISIS strongholds.

 From Preemptive Love Coalition | In many cases, the families left behind are scorned by their local communities which have often suffered great loss at the hands of ISIS.  In areas already plagued by war and deprivation, these families often face isolation, hunger, and scorn.  Says one father, ““After all, if I believed in what he was doing, I would have left and taken my whole family when the IS group left the city,” he argues. But they stayed and now they are all paying for a teenage boy’s decision. “Today even my other children are hearing hurtful words. Other kids call them the “sons of the Islamic State” and “killers”. They won’t even play with them anymore.”

Pray for the passage of EMSI to support the ending of modern-day slavery around the world.

 From International Justice Mission | In the wake of a September 22, 2015 lobbying effort by IJM and their partners on Capitol Hill, pray that Congress will pass the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015, introduced by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) earlier this year.   The bill authorizes the creation of an historic public-private partnership that will fund programs aimed at ending modern-day slavery around the world.  Holly Burkhalter, Vice President of Government Relations at IJM said that “Although the EMSI Act would generate unprecedented new resources to fight slavery, U.S. contributions to the initiative would still only amount to .07% of the US international assistance budget. Surely Congress can find common ground in the belief that ending the violent exploitation of men, women and children the world over is worth that much.”

 Pray for child abductions in China to stop and for children to be reunited with their families.

 From Sinosphere, a publication of the New York Times | “Thousands of Chinese children are missing every year, many of them taken by networks of traffickers who sell them to couples who are childless or want another child — and who are willing to turn a blind eye to where the children came from. But in the past couple of years especially, the police and government authorities have mounted intense operations to stamp out the business.”  As police step-up their efforts to stop the abduction and trafficking of children, please pray that their efforts are met with success, reunifications can happen, and that the hearts and minds of these children are protected.

 Pray for Burmese farmers whose crops were destroyed in recent flooding and the subsequent impact on children.
From Partners | In the worst flooding to hit Burma/Myanmar in over 30 years, more than one million people were affected in late July/September. Flooding not only affects people’s short term needs but it also affects their long-term sustainable income, namely their crops. Pray for Partners as they provide immediate relief in the form of food and housing supplies to villages impacted by the flooding.  Pray also for the children who lived through these floods; for God to calm their fearful hearts and fill their hungry bellies.   Pray also that diseases that so often follow these kinds of natural disasters are kept at bay and that children remain healthy.




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