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People who are hostile to the gospel control many regions of Columbia. How can we get God’s word to children living there? By parachute.

Voice of the Martyrs uses parachutes to drop packages containing Bibles and Christian literature from low-flying planes. These bundles land in places that are dangerous for Christians to go, areas where FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) terrorists are most active. Because they do not believe in God, FARC groups are especially antagonistic towards believers. But not even terrorists are beyond God’s reach. One pilot explains, “I have seen many guerrillas turn from their violent ways after reading the Bible and listening to our radio broadcasts. If we want peace in Colombia, we have to point people, even terrorists, to the true source of peace and forgiveness.”

The kids in your class, home school group, or club can help by assembling Colombia Parachute Packs. Here’s how:

1.     Order parachute packs from Voice of the Martyrs at 1.800.747.0085. Parachutes come in a pack of 10 ($10) or 30 ($25).

2.     Choose a day to assemble the parachutes. Each pack includes instructions and materials needed (cloth, ribbon, glue, plastic bags for Bibles). Just bring your scissors and some extra adult helpers.

3.     Teach your children about Columbia using the free Kids of Courage curriculum. Click on the Downloads tab and fill out the contact page. Scroll down and click on the “Bold Believers Columbia” icon to download the curriculum.

4.     Using the chart (page 13 of curriculum), explain to your children how the communist beliefs of FARC contrast with what the Bible says.

5.     Spend some time praying. Pray that families or soldiers who find the parachutes will learn about Jesus. Also pray for God to strengthen persecuted Christians in Columbia.

6.     Collect the finished parachutes and return them to the Voice of the Martyrs address shown below. Include $5 per parachute to cover the cost of deploying them in Colombia.

Voice of the Martyrs
PO Box 443
Bartlesville, OK 74005-0443

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