Lemon:Aid Water Project

Ahhh summer. For most American kids it means endless days of T-ball, swimming,  and hanging out with friends. In places with no access to water, children are involved in other activities – walking long distances to a water source and carrying heavy loads of water back home. The water they bring home is often unsafe to drink and leads to diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. Your kids can provide clean water for their peers in Africa through Blood:Water Mission’s fun summer project – Lemon:Aid.

Kids love running lemonade stands to quench the thirst of folks in the neighborhood. Now they can use proceeds to quench the thirst of boys and girls half-way around the world. $1 provides a child in Africa with clean, safe drinking water for a whole year. Donations help build wells, water filters, and rain tanks for local communities. Since kids don’t have to spend so much of their day fetching water, they spend more time in school learning. Safe water helps the children stay healthy, too. Here’s how to get started:

1. Order your Lemon:Aid kit for $10 or download some of the printed materials for free. Each kit includes:

  • 2 posters
  • 3 postcards
  • 3 balloons
  • 3 T-shirt iron-ons
  • 3 temporary tattoos
  • 1 bracelet
  • 3 brochures
  • 3 photos of African children who now have access to clean water


2. Decide where you will set up your lemonade stand. Make sure to get permission first. Here are some suggestions.

  • baseball or soccer game
  • local park or playground
  • swimming pool
  • 4th of July parade
  • neighborhood garage sale
  • block party
  • local craft fair


3. Recruit friends, relatives, and neighbors to help you make lemonade and man the stand. If you’re planning something big like a block party, you may need a bigger kit. You can request one by emailing grassroots@bloodwatermission.com.

4. Personalize the posters provided in the kit with your event time and place. Hang them up the day before you open your stand.

5. Set up your lemonade stand. Use some of the flyers, brochures, and photos of African children from the kit to decorate. You might want to copy some of the facts about water to hand out to people who purchase lemonade. You can decide on a set price for a glass of lemonade or you can have a container for donations. You may want to put out a sign that says “$1=1 year of clean water for a child in Africa.” Checks can be made out to Blood:Water Mission. If you want, make Lemon:Aid T-shirts using the iron-ons. Give them and the tattoos to your helpers.

6. Take photos of your event. Share your story and upload photos here.

7. Donate online or send donations to Blood:Water Missions c/o Lemon:Aid, PO Box 60381, Nashville, TN 37206.

8. Want to teach your family, class, or club more about how lack of access to water affects kids? Check out Stand4Kids’ lesson, Every Last Drop.

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