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All kids love bikes. Give them a vision of how these two-wheel wonders can be used to spread the gospel to people who have never heard about Jesus. Native missionaries across Asia walk many miles to tell people about Jesus. Bicycles allow them to travel faster, further, and to more villages. Bikes also make it easier for missionaries to carry supplies like Bibles. Most native missionaries cannot afford a bike. Your kids can help by participating in Gospel for Asia’s Push the Pedal Project (for grades K-6).

Gospel for Asia provides a free packet with enough material for five, 20-minute sessions:

  • a 2 x 3-foot, color promotional poster
  • a 2-minute video showing natives missionaries visiting villages
  • 5 short, native missionary stories to read to children with discussion questions
  • coloring/activity pages for each story
  • a reproducible sheet for children to collect names/pledges
  • a chart to track progress toward your group’s giving goal
  • a reproducible certificate to hand out to children who participate


Ready to get started?

  1. You can order your free packet online or call 1.800.946.2742.
  2. Once you receive the materials, set a goal for the number of bikes your group will purchase. Each bike costs $110 US.
  3. Set a beginning and end date for collecting money.
  4. Create and send out a letter to parents that explains the Push the Pedal Project.
  5. Introduce the project to your children by showing the video and doing stories/activities from the materials booklet provided.
  6. Explain to children how and when money will be collected. Give suggestions for earning money. Pass out the pledge sheets to children who are interested in enlisting others in giving to the project.
  7. Update the goal chart frequently and announce progress as you teach through the materials.
  8. At the completion of your project, hold a celebration … with treats, of course. To help children visualize, bring in real bikes to symbolize the number of bikes their money will purchase. Allow children to touch one of these bikes and pray for the missionaries who will receive bikes similar to them. Pray for the children who live in villages these missionaries will visit. Pass out the completion certificates.
  9. Make out your check to Gospel for Asia and mail it to the address for your country or a country close to you (see last page of materials booklet) or look at the online listing.

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