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Here’s a great way to educate children in your school, homeschool co-op, church class, or Vacation Bible School group about the global orphan crisis and get them involved in serving their peers. Rice Bowls is a faith-based ministry that partners with orphanages in caring for the physical and spiritual needs of children. The organization provides food for more than 1,000 children living in Christian homes for orphans in India, Haiti, Rwanda, and South Africa. Your kids can help by collecting coins and filling small plastic banks shaped like a full bowl of rice. The banks can hold about $30 in change. Banks come in boxes of 50 and are provided free of charge, along with information to help you to cast a vision, promote, organize, and hold your campaign. Ready to make a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned children? Here’s how to proceed.

1.    Get others on board. Download your free planning kit. Then share your idea with those who can partner with you — your school principal, children’s pastor or director, teachers, or parents.
2.    Order your Rice Bowls online or by calling 866.312.5791. It’s best to order 4-6 weeks before you plan to distribute the banks.
3.    Choose dates when you will distribute and collect the banks. Most people run their campaign for one month.
4.    Promote your event. Get free posters, fliers, logos, banners, and templates for Powerpoint or e-blasts here.
5.    Distribute the banks to every child, student, or family in your group. Help children brainstorm ways to fill their banks — allowance, money earned from chores, birthday money, or other fun ideas.
6.    During your campaign, build awareness about the global orphan situation, what the Bible says about God’s heart for the vulnerable, and our mandate to assist them. Rice Bowls even has material for family devotions. Include teaching and prayer times for orphans in your children’s activities.
7.    At the end of the campaign, collect the banks. You might want to plan a special event to open the banks and count the money. Make sure you have lots of volunteers for this step!
8.    Send the money to Rice Bowls. You can write a check to Rice Bowls and send it along with the return slip to Rice Bowls, 951 South Pine Street, Suite 252,  Spartanburg, SC 29302. You can also complete your campaign with an online donation.
9.    Share stories about your campaign with Rice Bowls. You can write comments in the section provided on the return slip or online donation form.
10.  Let participants know how much money they raised. Let them see the end result of their giving by sharing about orphanages that will receive the funds.

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