Jesus Cares Kits

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Red Card recommends Jesus Care Kits as a way to help the homeless.A women pushing a grocery cart loaded with all her earthly possessions. A man on the street corner flashing a “Spare Change?” sign. A family in tattered clothing huddled around a steam grate. We’ve all seen them, but probably pretended not to notice them or think about them too much. Not because we’re unfeeling, but because we honestly don’t know what to do. Here’s a practical way for your family, class, or club to provide for the homeless you encounter this winter.

Jesus Cares Kits

For each kit, you will need:

  • gallon-sized plastic bag that seals (like Ziplocs®)
  • toothbrush
  • small tube of toothpaste
  • bar of antibacterial soap
  • water bottle
  • two granola bars
  • comb
  • pack of travel-sized tissues
  • pair of medium-sized tube socks
  • pair of medium-sized gloves

Use a marker to write “Jesus Cares” on the outside of the plastic bag. Fill the bag with the items and zip it closed. Keep the kit in your vehicle and give it to a street child or homeless family you spot in a town or city near you. Pray that the people who receive the kit will learn how much Jesus cares for them.

If you have a group of children, it’s fun to arrange an assembly line and work together to create the kits. Some children will probably want to make extra kits to give to their neighbors so they will be ready to help the homeless as well. You may want to design a letter with instructions so parents (or neighbors) understand what to do with the kits. Before children take the kits home, have a prayer time for the people who will receive the kits.

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