My Red Card Experience

Red Card is a class that not only talks about the situations, but tries hard to show everyday life for children at risk. I love when they let kids and adults be a part of the teaching. For example, with child laborers, they had parents describe their jobs growing up, while the kids smashed bricks (with protective eyewear, of course) like children do in Bangladesh to earn money.

The leaders gave everyone homework, not like math, but to see what it feels like to be a child at risk. It’s not the same as going to a foreign country, but we can still experience or imagine a bit of their life. For example, we can eat less for a while and see what that feels like.

The class shows hunger and poverty, orphans and street kids, children of war, child laborers, and HIV/AIDS. They have videos where you learn about JR, Minnie, and a lot of other kids. They show Bible verses like Deuteronomy 11:18-21. I liked learning about children of war – it made a big impact on me. This class gives you courage, guidance, and information to make a difference. Please come to Red Card and help stop the pain.