Class Participants

Here’s what adults are saying about Red Card:

This class was excellent for raising our awareness and educating our family on all of the children at risk throughout the world. I really enjoyed being able to take this class as a family.” Jennifer Hellem

This family-oriented curriculum is cutting edge, and is an incredible opportunity for families to serve, worship, and learn together.” F. Knoll, Pastor, White River Community Church

This class brought up great questions that our family could discuss throughout the week and also prayer time was enhanced.” Margaret Cortes

This class is incredibly eye-opening and convicting. If you don’t come out of it on Day One angry, sad, and convicted, you’re probably dead.” Stephen Brooke

This information is absolutely needed by the church to call us to action in an arena we have ignored for too long. Having the whole family in the class was excellent!” Karen Allred

This was a wonderful class for our family to attend together. It opened our eyes to the plight of children around the world and empowered us to help make a difference. It made our daughter more aware of the privileges and responsibilities of her life, expanding her world.” Joanne Heim

“This class brings the world issues of children at risk to the heart. It hits home and touches so deeply that I can’t walk away without helping in some manner or fashion.” Ann Cope

I appreciated the way Red Card opened my eyes to the plight of children around the world and helped my children and I begin to do activities as a family that impact the lives of others.” Suzanne A.

I try not to let this happen, but I know my kids are spoiled just because of the culture we live in. This was a perfect way of beginning to open the eyes of my pre-teen to the needs of others. My prayer is that it will help her to develop a giving heart.” Anonymous

“Why do you think other kids should take this class?” Here’s what children said:

I think kids should take this class to have a better understanding that not as many children are fortunate enough to have a family or an education, or even enough food.”

It might make them a better kid and make them want to keep helping.”

It will wake us up to other needs.”

To learn about orphans around the world.”

To learn about other kids in the world.”

To learn about helping other kids.”

To learn we have plenty and they have nothing!”

To learn how life is in Africa and all other countries.”

So they learn how many people are at risk.”

Other kids should take this class because it’s life changing.”

Cause it teaches you whats happening around the world.”

Becos its fun and intrsten.”