Participating Churches

White River Christian Church

Denomination: Christian Church/Church of Christ
Average Weekly Attendance: over 1000
Leaders: Fred and Alisa Knoll
Email: OR

Boulder Valley Christian Church

Denomination: Non-denominational
Average Weekly Attendance: 400-1000
Leaders: Robb and Ann Cope
Email: OR

Deer Creek Community Church

Denomination: Presbyterian Church of America
Average Weekly Attendance: less than 400
Leaders: Cara Gabrielese and Karen Stickland
Email: Cara Gabrielse: OR

Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church

Denomination: Evangelical Presbyterian
Average Weekly Attendance: 400-1,000
Leaders: Wendy Schulz and Kymberli Bangs

Cherry Hills Community Church

Denomination: Evangelical Presbyterian
Weekly Attendance: over 5,000
Leaders: Tami Snowden and Gene Kissinger

Belleview Community Church

Denomination: Mennonite Brethren
Average Weekly Attendance:
Leaders: Cheryl Rempel