Red Card is an 8-week family class on children at risk. Lessons raise awareness of their situations, provide a biblical view of God’s heart for these children, challenge believers to pray for them, and offer practical steps for involvement. The material is designed to provide eight 75-minute lessons for use in churches.

The unique feature of the curriculum is our target audience… families. We want to encourage and empower children to become advocates for the largest unreached group in the world – their own peers. Lessons will allow parents and children (4th grade and up) to learn, process, pray, and take practical steps together.

Each 75-minute lesson is interactive and uses hands-on experiences that allow participants to have impact learning, followed by family activities during the week. Although the material is designed for use in churches, it may also be used in house churches and to train short-term teams going to minister to children at risk.

Lessons include:
  • An introductory overview, a video clip, a simulation activity, a family processing time, and prayer.
  • A definition of children at risk and the provision of a biblical viewpoint. (Lesson 1)
  • An exploration of poverty, orphans, street kids, child soldiers, child laborers, and HIV/AIDS. (Lessons 2-7)
  • A time for participants to process what they’ve learned and share what God is saying to them. (Lesson 8)
The Red Card Teacher Pack includes:
  • A DVD with seven 5- to 8-minute video segments. Wherever possible, videos include footage of children telling their own stories.
  • A CD with complete, printable leader directions for the large-group teaching, simulations, processing segments, opportunities for involvement, and prayer. It also includes printable teacher’s background notes, lesson handouts, posters of children at risk, and templates for promotional posters, fliers, bulletin inserts, and more.
  • 30 Pathfinder workbook/journals and 30 sets of prayer cards.

Additional Red Card Ten Packs with 10 Pathfinder workbooks and 10 sets of prayer cards may be purchased separately.